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  The American Rizvi Qadri Muslim (ARQAM) Foundation, Inc. is located at 151 Jewett Ave, Jersey City NJ,07304 USA. The ARQAM Foundation Inc. community leadership under the guidance of the pioneering Maulana Hafiz Ghulam Yasin Rizvi Qadri. The ARQAM Foundation Inc. start first step in September 18,2007. Maulana Hafiz Ghulam Yasin Rizvi Qadri dedicated to preserving Islam in North America and their commitment to the education of future generations of Muslims in USA. With the grace and mercy of Allah (JS), we share our faith and our house of worship with all those that are willing to learn about Islam and Muslims. We invite all Muslim brothers and sisters to learn more about the Islam. The ARQAM Foundation Inc. Wel Come to you if you need any information about Islam Please feel free to contact us or visit website www.arqamfoundationinc.com or www.arqamfoundationinc.net We are waiting for your help and support. Your comments and suggestion will always be appreciated.  
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